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We have been busy here at Sick Empire, and one of the things we have been most busy with is playing Destiny. This community as a whole was conceived while playing Destiny 1 as a group, and this is a clan that is very dear to us. We are currently accepting all new members, and you can join us (and our fight) whether you play on Playstation or Xbox. We have pretty much moved on to Destiny 2, but if you are a Destiny 1 player, there is still a place for you in the Sick Empire.

Destiny 2 Clan

How to Join the Sick Empire Clan:
To join the Sick Empire clan, you need to sign into and associate your PSN or Xbox Live account to your Bungie login. Then, navigate to the Sick Empire Clan’s homepage (Click Here) and join up. Once you “Set as Clan” our admins will be sent in invitation request and we are currently approving new members within a couple of minutes.

Right now, the maximum number of people that can join a Clan is limited to 100 across both Xbox and PlayStation. We will be accepting all new members until we hit that threshold. When we do hit that limit, we will create another secondary Sick Empire clan that will be allied with the first. Whatever we can do to expand the empire!

(may not be totally up to date)


moongunner1 (PS4 & Xbox One)
BrotherDaz (Xbox One)
gixs757 (PS4)
pratts1012 (PS4)


qwerk007 (PS4)
Sage39 (PS4)
tekkracker (PS4)
husky_390 (PS4)
TMC0507 (PS4)
Zurceo (PS4)
LotusMZ1 (PS4 & Xbox One)
Crimson00Phoenix (PS4)
ArkhamAssassin7 (PS4)
tellar93 (PS4)
itsDuffie (PS4)
x0PuReXsNiPeZz0x (PS4)
bonestj06 (PS4)
franklin40777 (PS4)
ChaosBlade2460 (PS4)
Templar_Ariz (PS4)
JorgeGeeRuiz (PS4)
Codyz1986 (PS4)
The Dark Hydrax (Xbox One)
DextroseJH (PS4)
keosa1994 (PS4)
WeaponX45 (PS4)
Sader55g (PS4)
Brian4161 (PS4)
MauroOM10 (PS4)
Audacious0ne (Xbox One)
NuclearPotato21 (PS4)
OSCAR_2207sh (PS4)
ferilhog11 (Xbox One)
jamesx215 (PS4)
godlyvampire (PS4)
jerseydevil999 (Xbox One)
Ruh_Roh (PS4)
crazyafropunk (PS4)

Add your name to Sick Empire ranks. What are you waiting for Guardian? JOIN THE FIGHT!

Sick Empire
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