The Division

The Division

The Division

The Division is a game that many in Sick Empire keep coming back to. With the latest updates and DLC’s, the game has finally become what was promised at launch and has turned into a really fun game. If you are looking for a team to help you navigate the post-apocalyptic New York City that The Division is set in, Sick Empire is the place to be.

Join Us

If you are a The Division player and looking for an active group of members that range from casual to competitive, have good attitudes, are helpful, and just enjoy playing the game, this could be exactly the team you are looking for. To join us in The Division, chat with us on Discord. The only thing we require is that you are over the age of 18, keep a fairly active account, and treat our team members with respect. Click Here to Join the Sick Empire today!

The Division Team Chat

The main way our members keep in touch is with a gaming chat app called Discord. This app can be used from both desktop and mobile devices, and keeps us all in touch daily. As a team, we try to avoid general LFG sites because our members have already been vetted and we know we are going to have a good experience when playing with one of our own. If you would like to chat with the Sick Empire team, join us on Discord…

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