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This is the main Sick Empire stream channel. When we’re not streaming here on our Twitch Channel, we’ll be hosting our other team streamers. Please help us out by following us on Twitch and watching us when we’re online.

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Old Dirty Daz

Daz is one of the founding members of Sick Empire and streams daily. While his main focus is Warframe at the moment, he plays pretty much everything (as his 150,000+ gamer points in Xbox Live will confirm). Currently, he is out most avid streamers and you can watch his Twitch Channel below…

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MoonGunner (moongunner1 on PSN) is another of our founding members, and streams both here and on the main Sick Empire channel. Check out his Twitch Channel below…

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ArgonSix is primarily an Xbox One player that streams a variety of games, including Warframe. Check out his Twitch Channel below…

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We hope you enjoy watching our streamers and have plans to introduce new streamers to the team soon. You can help us speed this process up by supporting us through channel follows, watching our streamers, and clicking on some of our ad content. The more you watch and support us, the easier it will be for the rest of our wanna-be pro-gamers to spend more time online. Thanks for your support!

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