What Infinity Ward Can Learn from the Missteps of Ghosts

It’s Infinity Ward’s turn to release a Call of Duty (CoD) game this year; the first for the dev in the series’ newish three-year development cycle. The rotating roster means that it’s following Treyarch’s Black Ops III, which in turn followed Sledgehammer Games’ Advanced Warfare from 2014. The trick, though, is that Infinity Ward’s last game was Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Ghosts wasn’t particularly well received by fans and the fact that Infinity Ward’s latest CoD game has the ‘Infinite Warfare’ subtitle and not ‘Ghosts II’ is a telling sign that Activision is keen to distance itself from the lacklustre reception of the developer’s last Call of Duty game. While it’s a good idea to start fresh, instead of attempting to convince jaded fans that the Ghosts sub-series really could have legs, there are some key learnings Infinity Ward can take from its last divisive CoD game that could help ensure Infinite Warfare hits the ground running.

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