Warframe Dev Investigating Cross-Play Options

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But don’t hold your breath for shared accounts.

A Nintendo Switch port of Warframe  was only just announced last week, but developer Digital Extremes is already fielding questions about the potential for cross-play functionality with other platforms. Digital Extremes is open to it, even if it’s not ready to make a formal announcement just yet.

“Since announcing Warframe coming to the Switch, we’ve received an incredible amount of positive reception from both our community and Nintendo players,” Studio Manager Sheldon Carter told TechRadar. “We’re exploring all options for people to play on and with the Nintendo Switch.”

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When pressed about when that functionality might come to Warframe on Switch, a Digital Extremes public relations representative couldn’t nail down the timing but did say it’s something the studio would like to do and is currently investigating.

TechRadar also asked Digital Extremes about the related issue of allowing players to use the same account across multiple consoles. It’s been a hot-button topic ever since it was revealed PlayStation 4 Fortnite players would not be able to do this on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the situation is no brighter for Warframe players than it is for Fortnite players, though Digital Extremes is at least likely to allow a migration if not a shared account.

“Previously, when we’ve launched on other consoles, we’ve supported [one-time] account migrations,” said Carter, “so that would be our starting goals for Switch as well.”

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Warframe is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but does not yet have a Switch release date. For more on the game, check out IGN’s review of the PlayStation 4 version of Warframe.

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