The Order: 1886 Dev Reveals Its Next Game

Ready at Dawn revealed its next game, De-formers, an arena-combat game published by GameTrust.

According to Ready at Dawn, De-formers is a “third-person smash ‘em arena combat game” where up to 8 players control “Forms” as they wage melee combat in a quest to “reign over the other players.”

Ready at Dawn said De-formers is designed “for those who love to show off their skills, determination, and domination” on the battle field. Players use the Forms to roll, smash, “shoot, throw and defend” their way to victory.

Forms can also consume objects in the world to grow more powerful, objects which include the “remains of your defeated opponents.”

“Games are better when bragging rights are part of the experience,” Ready at Dawn said of the social aspects of its new game. The multiplayer game can be played both locally and online.

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