The Art and Artists of Hearthstone

Hearthstone’s Art Director Ben Thompson stopped by IGN’s Australian office recently, so we took the opportunity to ask him about the process of creating art for the game, as well as what pieces most speak to him as an artist. Enjoy!

Ben Thompson: We knew we wanted to go with the original nine from World of Warcraft, as far as classes go. We knew that we wanted to go back to the roots of basic World of Warcraft and that approachability… no Monk, no Death Knight, just entry-level WoW. As we started going through a lot of the art, we started trying to figure out which ones we had imagery for which we felt most personified or felt the most approachable or coolest for the characters, because we kept in mind, throughout the whole thing, there’s going to be a certain percentage – a great percentage if we do our job right – that have never played

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