The 1981 Dark Tower Game Is Getting a Sequel

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Two of the best board game designers around are currently working on making a modern version of the 80s classic.

Publisher Restoration Games has announced that it will be creating a sequel to the classic 1981 board game Dark Tower.

Titled Return to Dark Tower, the sequel is expected to launch a Kickstarter sometime next year, and then release the year after that. The designers behind Return to Dark Tower are Isaac Childres and Rob Daviau, two of the top board game designers around right now.

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Daviau created the extremely popular Legacy versions of Risk and Pandemic, while Childres is the creator of Gloomhaven — the currently top rated game on BoardGameGeek that has sold roughly 120,000 copies.

Speaking during one of IGN’s panels at Gen Con 2018, Daviau spoke about the difficulty of incorporating the iconic tower into the new game. In the original, it would act as somewhat of a game master, talking to players throughout and telling them to do certain things.

Now, that technology is much easier to create, but Daviau said he doesn’t want it to essentially just be a phone holder for some sort of app. He doesn’t want players to be able to leave the tower in the box and use their phone alone, instead wanting the tower to be integral to the experience.

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Restoration made headlines earlier this year when they also announced a remake of the old-school board game Fireball Island. Childres is also working on an expansion for Gloomhaven, and a digital version is currently in the works as well.

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