Prepare for Dark Souls 3 Punishment With This Gallery

Dark Souls III was playable at Gamescom last week, and you can watch our 16 minute Dark Souls III gameplay video taken from the floor to get an idea of what to expect in From Software’s next entry into the Dark Souls franchise.

Combat seems quicker in the third Dark Souls game, and there’s a new addition to combat called Weapon Arts. Weapon Arts is a special move that can be used by getting into the Ready Stance with the left-trigger.

Shields are affected by the Weapon Arts mechanic, as well. Performing the move requires either a two-handed weapon or “kite/round shield” equipped in your left hand.┬áTorches will work similar to the way they work in Bloodborne. They won’t need to be lit from an existing source, and the won’t have a limited burn time.

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