Past Cure Isn’t Heavy Rain, But It Still Hopes to Be Intriguing

Past Cure doesn’t pretend to be what it isn’t – meaning a big-budget, AAA game. It’s being made by a startup studio of eight people, and it’s priced at $30. That it has similarities to Heavy Rain is more of a coincidence than anything else; its developers note that both they and Quantic Dream are European and their games are set in Europe.

That the main character even looks like Heavy Rain’s Ethan? Well…that’s a bit weird, I suppose.

I played a few sections of Past Cure – a cinematic action-adventure game about a man who wakes up three years after being experimented on, with no memories of that time but also with psychic powers. Is it particularly pretty? No. Is the voice acting very good? Not really. But still, I want this story-driven tale, which the developers say is good for about 8-10 hours of gameplay, to be good. And it’s because I like the concept.

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