Paragon Essentials Edition Hits Stores Today

We’ve been working on a special version of our new MOBA, Paragon, called the Essentials Edition, which is available at retailers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Like today. Right now. You can buy the thing.

The Essentials Edition includes everything you need to get started on the battlefields of Agora, including the product launch-exclusive Wasteland Twinblast skin.

We put together this edition so that even if you’ve already bought a Founder’s Pack, we hope you’ll still find this a pretty excellent deal. Plus, we know that some people still love to have their games on a physical disc.

Paragon Essentials Edition includes:

Access to the Beta

  • Get in the game immediately.

6,000 Paragon Coins

  • In-game currency to spend on additional Master Challenges, skins, boosts, and other things that haven’t been announced yet. If you’re already planning to buy coins, this is worth it alone because you get all the other stuff.

Five Hero Master Challenges

  • Each Master Challenge immediately grants a Challenger skin and permanent XP boost, plus unlocks unique rewards as you play, including a taunt and the Master skin.
  • Includes Master Challenges for Twinblast, Sevarog, Iggy & Scorch, GRIM.exe and Riktor.

Five Skins, Including the Product Launch-Exclusive Wasteland Twinblast Skin
You also get …

  • War Chief Grux
  • Energized Dekker
  • Autumn Fire Sparrow
  • Bronze Warden Riktor

Five Rep Boosts (Each Lasts For Three Wins)

  • Rep boosts speed up how quickly you earn Rep, which you can spend on card packs, Master Challenges and more.

The whole Essentials Edition is over $160 in value (based on in-game currency) for only $59.99. /announcervoice

I’ll see you on the battlefield, before I run away to the jungle.


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