New Skylanders Lets You Create Your Own Skylanders

2016’s Skylanders game allows players to completely create and customize their own Skylanders, using a robust in-game character creation menu. The premise is adorably inspired by the hundreds of drawings kids have sent to Toys for Bob – the series’ developers – of their own Skylanders designs, and is, fittingly, called ‘Skylanders Imaginators’.

Imaginators seemingly has the same core gameplay as previous installments in the Skylanders series, focusing on simple puzzle solving and light, hack and slash-style combat, but this time, with an in-game character you’ve created all on your own. Your Imaginator Skylanders’ powers, weapons, heads, ears, tails, abilities, catchphrases, fighting styles (and more) are all fully customizable and can be edited and updated at almost any time, through a simple menu that manages to neatly hide just how extensive it is – a nice change from last year’s totally underwhelming customization. If you don’t want to delve into fully creating a new character, though, you can fully randomise one, use any of the 300+ character toys from all of the previous Skylanders games, or select from a handful of new ones.

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