New Preview Build Available to All Rings – 11/13/17

We’re pleased to announce that members of the Xbox Insider Omega ring will begin receiving the latest system update (1711.171110-1615) starting today. This build, which was made available to Alpha, Beta and Delta rings over the weekend, can be taken manually starting at 2 p.m. PST and will become mandatory at 1 a.m. PST on Nov. 14. This update introduces several new features to Insiders in the Omega ring for the first time.

Read on for features, fixes and more, and if you’re a member of the Xbox One Preview Update, don’t forget to check the Xbox Insider Hub for Quests and Surveys associated with the latest update.

New Features:

This update includes new features such as an at-a-glance status of what activities you can immediately step into, miniature Game Hubs and the ability to hide games with no unlocked Achievements. Learn more here.


My Games and Apps

  • Fixed an issue that caused game updates to trigger a complete title re-installation.
  • Fixed an issue which caused some game saves bot to complete after playing offline.
  • Fixed an issue which caused certain game updates not to show in the collection if stored on the external HDD.
  • Fixed some graphical artifacts, textures, occlusion and compression for certain titles at the platform level.
  • Implemented updates to the 4k video pipeline for Netflix and key partners to support 4k VP9 video playback.


  • Fixed an issue in which notifications for messaging/parties and sometimes achievements were not popping/displaying.


  • Fixed the reliability of Network Transfer between consoles on your network. This resolves cases in which the source console could not be found or installs started and then failed.
  • Fixed an issue in the HDD profile backup feature that would fail when loading the user’s Gamerpic.

Localization Fixes

  • Various localization fixes to the shell UI and the accessories app.

Activity Feed

  • Fixed an issue in which Videos within the activity feed pages would often appear with black video playback.

Party Chat

  • Fixed issues with crackling audio for some users in Party Chat

Known Issues:


  • Left and right navigation is reversed during Tournament creation and in the twist when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.

Avatars on Home

  • Users wishing to represent themselves as an Avatar can do so by changing their settings under My profile > Customize profile > Show my avatar.


  • Narrator can now be cancelled when reading large amounts of text.

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