Minit Adds New Speedrun Community Challenge on Xbox One

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Minit Adds New Speedrun Community Challenge on Xbox One by Xbox Wire

For speed-lovers all over the community, Minit now has a speedrun setting! Jump right in, with an on-screen timer, and go and break some world records! Obviously, the update also adds tweaks, fixes, and even a few new languages! Do you know all the text in Minit by heart? Now’s the chance to learn Japanese, Simplified Chinese, or Korean!

Minit Hero Image

Minit Hero Image

When Kitty, Dom, Jukio, and I first started working on Minit, one thing was for sure: picking up a cursed sword from the beach is a bad idea, you’ll be dropping dead every minute until your quest is complete. This simple concept eventually grew into the peculiar little adventure played 60-seconds at a time, more complex and intricate than anyone ever dared to imagine!

Minit Screenshot

Minit Screenshot

Of course, Minit is a game of contrasts. For those wanting to take it easy, that’s rewarded too! When Minit was as good as done, the whole team sat down and went over every single screen, dissecting is there a secret, item, or something funny here? If not, come up with something, or scrap the whole thing. This results in the super-detailed condensed adventure that you can play today! Don’t forget to track down the mosquito, throw boxes into the grinder, and water your dog!

Minit Screenshot

Minit Screenshot

Either way, I won’t hold you waiting any longer. Jump right in, switch on that speedrun setting, and show us how it’s done… Ready, set, go!

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