MGS 5 comparison screens confirm superiority of PC version

Konami’s graphics comparison for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain shows the gulf between last-gen, current gen and PC graphical standards. Lighting quality and level geometry are largely similar across all versions, but there’s an undeniable crispness to the high-resolution PC screens, especially when it comes to rain effects and shadow resolution.

Here’s a PS4 vs PC comparison. What a difference superior resolutions and anti-aliasing makes. Check out the shadows stretching out from the stairs, and the extra light sources in the scaffolding on the right, and in the distance.

Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain PS4 2

Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain PC

And another PS4 vs. PC shot. The Xbox One version isn’t shown, but it can only run MGS5 at 900p, while PC can support 4K resolutions. That’s noticeable when you look at the stony texture of the road to the left of those sandbags.

Mgs5 Ps4

Mgs5 Pc

Of course, pretty pictures are only worth so much. For more on what the game is actually like, check out our hands-on preview. The release date was recently moved forward to bring the PC release in line with consoles—a show of confidence in the port, hopefully. We’ll have to wait until January for the online component, however.

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