LEGO Dimensions Has Some Wonderful Toys

The small touches in LEGO Dimensions are ridiculous. One minute I was running around Oz as Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, tearing up the yellow brick road in the DeLorean, when I was killed by a flying monkey. It happens. But when I respawned, even though the minifigure of Capaldi’s Doctor remained on the base plate, I was now strutting around the level as the very first Doctor, portrayed by William Hartnell.

eyond appearance – he walks with his hands fixed to his lapels, with a stately grace. I died again. Bloody monkeys. This time I spotted the regeneration animation – it’s the same one that accompanied Tennant’s violent transformation into Matt Smith. This time Hartnell gave way to Tennant, who once again felt totally different. Complete with iconic white trainers, he stood feet apart, a cocky swagger animating his tiny frame. It feels authentic, yes, but more importantly it also feels affectionate.

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