IGN AU Pubcast 121: Lord JaraXXXus Gets Fizzlebanged

This episode of the Pubcast is a very special one. I mean, sure, they’re all special, and this episode has a whole bunch of plain old regular Pubcast good stuff, like our thoughts on this year’s Gamescom and all the awesome games we’ve been playing, but it’s special in a different way.

It’s special because, for the first time ever, Cam is joined on the regular Pubcast by a fellow Hearthstone fan. Yes, Joab Gilroy (who made his first appearance last week on our Hearthstone Special) is back, making Lucy’s job as the host all the more difficult, and all the more – let’s face it – painful. Can she divert the conversation away from Hearthstone? Or will she just tap out and take a two hour toilet break? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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