How to Unlock All 100 Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass Rewards

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Fortnite Season 5 features a new Battle Pass that rewards players with outfits, gliders, emotes, and more as level tiers are reached. Toys are new unlockable rewards that let you pull out objects to use with friends.

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For those unfamiliar, playing matches, getting kills, and making it out on top will help you grow your tier for the current season. Reaching certain tiers will reward you with prizes. Paying for the Battle Pass will allow you to partake in the season and the prizes, but there’s still a free option with fewer rewards.

TierBattle PassFree Pass
1– Drift (Outfit)
– Huntress (Outfit)
– 50% Combo XP Boost (entire season)
– Battle Pass Challenges
2– 10% Personal XP Boost (Add on)
– 5x Free Tiers (for next season)
Crazy Castle (Spray)
3Tic Tac Toe (Banner Icon)
4100x V-BucksDrift (Loading Screen)
5Go (Emoticon)
6Sushi (Spray)Gentlemen’s Dab (Emote)
7Cruiser (Glider)
8Shopping Cart (Banner Icon)Let’s Rock (Emoticon)
95% Friend XP Boost (Add on)
10100x V-Bucks
11Basketball (Toy)Vikings (Banner Icon)
12Boogie (Spray)
13Norse Emblem (Loading Screen)
14Dolphin (Banner Icon)Uplink (Back Bling)
15Balloon Axe (Harvesting Tool)
16Pool Party (Emoticon)
1710% Personal XP Boost (Add on)
18100x V-Bucks100x V-Bucks
19Abstrakt (Loading Screen)
20Lanterns (Contrail)
21Mask (Banner Icon)
22Strawberry Paws (Spray)Downshift (Glider)
23Redline (Outfit)
24Prickly (Emoticon)
255% Friend XP Boost (Add on)
26100x V-BucksPixels Royale (Spray)
27Golf Ball (Toy)
28Huntress(Loading Screen)
29Lucha GG (Spray)
301,000x Season XP Lug Axe (Harvesting Tool)
31You’re Awesome (Emote)
32Hat (Banner Icon)
3310% Personal XP Boost (Add on)
34Sun Strider (Loading Screen)100x V-Bucks
35100x V-Bucks
36Runic (Contrail)
37Stop (Emoticon)
38Good Vibes (Spray)Pool Party (Back Bling)
39Conquest (Glider)
40Grenade (Banner Icon)
415% Friend XP Boost (Add on)
42100x V-BucksDinosaur (Emoticon)
43Beach Ball (Toy)
44Jailbirds (Loading Screen)
451,000x Season XP
46Embarrassed (Emoticon)Calculated (Emote)
47Sun Strider (Outfir)
48Fake Door (Spray)
4910% Personal XP Boost (Add on)
50Golf (Banner Icon)High Explosives (Loading Screen)
51100x V-Bucks
52Alarm (Emoticon)
531,000x Season XP
54Drift (Spray)Glitch in the System (Contrail)
55Rearguard (Back Bling)
56Ice Cream Truck (Banner Icon)
575% Friend XP Boost (Add on)
58100x V-BucksTrap (Emoticon)
59Fancy Golf Ball (Toy)
60Flytrap (Loading Screen)
611,000x Season XP
62Palm Trees (Banner Icon)Laser Chomp (Spray)
63Swipe It (Emote)
64100x V-Bucks
6510% Personal XP Boost (Add on)
66Omen (Loading Screen)
67Tattered (Emoticon)
68Ice Crystals (Contrail)
69Spider (Banner Icon)
701,000x Season XP
71Sledgehammer (Outfit)
72Norse Llama (Spray)
735% Friend XP Boost (Add on)
74100x V-Bucks
75Fancy Beach Ball (Toy)
76Checkers (Banner Icon)
77Red Knight (Loading Screen)
78Tasty (Emoticon)
79Splashdown (Glider)
80Potato Aim (Spray)
8110% Personal XP Boost (Add on)
82Snorkel (Banner Icon)
83100x V-Bucks
84TP (Contrail)
85Bad Apple (Emoticon)
86Bandolier (Loading Screen
87Rook (Outfit)
88Cobra (Banner Icon)
895% Friend XP Boost (Add on)
90100x V-Bucks
91Fancy Basketball (Toy)
92Stinky (Emoticon)
93Tomatohead (Loading Screen)
94Yummy (Spray)
95Breakdown (Emote)
9610% Personal XP Boost (Add on)
97Pot of Gold (Emoticon)
98100x V-Bucks
99Skull & Beard (Spray)
100– Ragnarok (Outfit)
– Ragnarok Challenges
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