Gravity Rush 2’s Dynamic New World and Potent Combat

2012’s Gravity Rush was a pleasant surprise on Vita; a stylish action game built around a very unique central hook: players could change gravity at will, literally dropping in any direction through the world.

The sequel is shaping up to build on this blueprint nicely, while taking advantage of the PS4’s significant grunt and the fact that it’s now a big screen experience. I’ve popped in to see an early build of the E3 demo while at Japan Studio to play The Last Guardian, and I’m glad I did.

The world design makes an immediate impression. Set in an entirely new city, it’s reminiscent of a Western European-inspired take on BioShock Infinite’s Columbia; island blocks bob about, high up in the sky, while barge-like platforms move between them. Once again the visuals are heavily influenced by comic books and anime, with a wonderfully cel-shaded world and comic book panel cutscenes.

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