Fortnite: Season 5 Teaser Image Unveiled

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Fortnite: Season 5 Teaser Image Unveiled by IGN

Is that the Egyptian goddess Bastet?

Epic Games is counting down to Fortnite: Season 5 with a new teaser image.

Unveiled on Twitter, the Season 5 image shows a pink cat behind the rift caused by the in-game Fortnite rocket launch late last month. One Reddit user believes the character is Bastet, an Ancient Egyptian goddess.


Epic Games has released this teaser image for Fortnite: Season 5, which starts this Thursday, July 12.

No official info accompanied the image, but Bastet would fit with current theories saying Fortnite: Season 5 will revolve around time travel. Currently, the game’s rifts are spawning new items on the map, like an old wagon near Moisty Mire.

Fortnite: Season 5 will start this Thursday, July 12. For more on the Battle Royale game, check out IGN’s Fortnite wiki.

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