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The Video Games We Play
Sick Empire is an online gaming community that was created to help adult players (18+) find like-minded gamers to play and chat with across a mutlitude of video games (on all video game consoles and PC). We actively connect across most social media sites, in addition to this website, but the easiest way to join and team up with Sick Empire is via Discord. Click the button below to JOIN SICK EMPIRE TODAY!
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    Our Current Games

    Apex Legends
    The Division 2
    Destiny 2
    Dead by Daylight
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
    Sea of Thieves
    Grand Theft Auto V
    Final Fantasy XIV
    Monster Hunter: World
    League of Legends

    More Games...

    Coming Soon

    Generation Zero
    World War Z
    Total War: Three Kingdoms

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