XCOM 2 Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One This Year

The outstanding turn-based tactical sequel is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 6, 2016, for $59.99. The Reinforcement Pack (aka season pass) will be available for $19.99, or bundled with the main game in the Digital Deluxe Edition for $74.99. The DLC list currently includes the Anarchy’s Children cosmetic pack and the boss-alien Alien Hunters, with more on the way. All current DLC will be available on day one for the console release.

The PC version of XCOM 2 came out in February 2016 to extremely positive reviews. In IGN’s XCOM 2 review, I called it “an amazing game I’ll easily put hundreds of hours into” and gave it a score of 9.3.

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