Hitman Brings Back the Best of Blood Money

Hitman’s Paris fashion show level is absolutely teeming with people. There are models, stylists, private security, waiters, guests, and oodles of others. Hitman: Absolution featured around 30 to 40 NPCs within levels, in addition to the game’s crowd system. For Hitman, due December 8 this year, developer Io Interactive has dialled this number up to 300, on top of the crowd system. It’s a truly huge increase in headcount.

Coupled with the immense scope of the Paris level itself the amount of options this affords players tackling the hit here is extensive. There’s a loading dock filled with equipment, rigging, and contractors. There’s the catering area, packed with hospitality workers. There are the dressing rooms and make-up tables. There’s the main hall and catwalk, private quarters, secret rooms, a basement and a large attic. Io Interactive describes that levels in Hitman are like Swiss cheese, full of holes 47 can use to infiltrate and work his way through them. It’s abundantly clear as I watch 47 negotiate his way through parts of this massive area that delivering on the spirit of 2006’s Hitman: Blood Money while retaining the more nuanced controls of 2012’s Hitman: Absolution is the key aim here.

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