Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s New Mode Turns It Into an Arcade Shooter

Eidos Montreal’s April Fools’ joke this year was to say that it had taken Deus Ex: Mankind Divided down a totally new art direction, replacing its now-trademark black and gold sheen with a pink and white, low-poly look. It turns out no one got the joke. It wasn’t that Eidos wouldn’t be doing this - it’s that it’s actually way more than a change in simple art direction.

Welcome to Breach, a new mode that sits alongside Campaign on the game’s new menu. It’s a self-contained storyline that takes Deus Ex’s key components and tweaks them for a faster, more arcade-y experience than you’d expect from the chilly, clever series. And a fair bit of it wears that fetching cotton candy palette, just for kicks.

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