Dangerous Golf Review

What would a golf game be like if its cover athlete was Bill Murray’s destructive greenskeeper character from Caddyshack? It’s a question that almost certainly no one has ever asked, yet developer Three Fields Entertainment has made an attempt to answer it anyway in the form of its over-the-top debut, Dangerous Golf. This physics-based, smash-for-cash arcade golf game created by a team of ex-Criterion members could have been Burnout with balls, but a clumsy camera and unreliable physics engine prevent it from being an overall smash hit.

Dangerous Golf appears to take more inspiration from Angry Birds than it does from the walk-spoiling sport. The goal for each of its 100 campaign courses is less about finding the hole and more about how much spectacular-looking, Unreal Engine 4-powered destruction your ball can achieve on its way there. The only ‘green’ you ever need to target is the dollar value on your damage bill - which ultimately decides whether you receive a bronze, silver, gold or platinum medal.

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